Audi – Stronger Wheels-At A Look

Audi increased its popularity in the automobile market because of its high class technology outfitted in its wide range of passenger vehicles. Audi wheels are one of auto parts manufactured by Audi with superior standards of quality and reliability that assure superior performance. These are specifically designed to resist load caused by braking, turning and acceleration and have become a popular culture because of its light weight and more attractive hubcaps. These are made with magnesium or aluminium alloy to improve the performance and to reduce weight and differ from normal steel wheels because the aluminium alloy is a better heat conductor. The heat dissipation caused by the brakes is improved such that it prevents brake failure under difficult driving situations. Although they are expensive, these are ideal for people looking for light weight and larger wheels that are pleasant to look and exceptionally luxurious.

Audi wheels are designed as a single piece or two or three piece type of wheels. The single piece wheels are molded whereas the two piece and the three piece wheels are welded or bolted together with top quality fasteners. Cleaning these wheels is very important as the brakes produce heat resulting in brake dust or dirt getting coated in the wheels. Refinish is the only solution to remove this coating. Keeping the high cost of the wheels in mind, it only makes sense to preserve the wheels by cleaning it periodically. One of the technical improvements preferred by Audi is to have four wheel drive or front wheel drive. The engine mounted over the front axle provides the great advantage for having four wheel or front wheel drive. Audi designed its passenger vehicles with four wheel drive system. Audi 5 model vehicles are designed with longer wheel base; this made the steering more friendly and reactive to the driver. Although the exertion on the wheel is light the Audi wheel provides tremendous balance and offers great grip and support while negotiating turnings. Four wheel drive system of Audi is unique because all the four wheels are managed simultaneously preventing possible accident in the event of one of the tires is in the risk of failing to grip. Four wheel drive system is capable of reallocating the power with the other three wheels.

The option to fit Audi wheels to your vehicle will facilitate you to fit tyres with lower shape and wider tyres. The advantage of using a wider tyre is that you can get a better steering response, negotiating turning in the bend is made easy, permits you to fit wider brakes so that there is more side wall stability while braking. The inconvenience in using these wheels can be that it needs periodic cleaning using chemicals that will not damage the finish. You need to park your vehicle carefully so that the expensive wheels are not damaged by other vehicles. If you use low profile tyres it will reduce your riding comfort. Pamper your car and yourself by getting the latest Audi wheels fit.

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